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Get the best shipping quotes to all destinations across Australia and worldwide

We provide the best shipping quotes to all delivery destinations within Australia and abroad. When you have domestic or international shipments to transport, you only want the cheapest shipping service solutions. Let Courier Quotes help maximise savings for your business with our quick shipping service quote comparisons in combination with relevant delivery services from top performing shipping companies in your locality.

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Handling your own freight quote comparisons can be complicated and taxing, whether it’s for a one-time delivery or arranging regular deliveries as a major part of your business. Businesses usually don’t have the energy or time to directly deal with freight forwarding and multiple suppliers at the same time. Let Courier Quotes handle it all! With our industry expertise and logistics network, we’ll let you access the best rates and shipping service deals on offer. In addition, our online platform also provides you with all the information and details you will need to choose the best shipping company and services for your needs.

From time-sensitive package deliveries across the city to heavy load shipments overseas, Courier Quotes will be there to provide you with the best shipping quote comparison and information in an instant. With our established network and broad experience with hourly couriers, pallet couriers, international couriers, including ground, sea and air freight service providers, we can offer expert transport solutions to suit your specific shipping requirements.

Specific shipping solutions for your specific needs

With Courier Quotes, there’s no need to worry about your shipment’s specific or special requirements. We’ll help you find the most suitable solutions. Whether making urgent parcel turnovers or large volume shipments, our platform will provide you with the best shipping quote comparison and relevant information. We’ll do the leg work of searching for the best shipping service for you, so you can simply focus on packaging and preparing your shipment. Courier Quotes will keep up with the fast pace and quick turnaround of your business. We’ll make sure you’re always ahead of your competition with our real-time shipping quote comparisons and accurate rates right at your fingertips.

Courier Quotes offers only the best and most accurate quote comparison

We are an independent third party service provider and our commitment is to our customers. Our platform and services are structured to benefit you, our client, and not any one particular company on our catalog. This allows us to give you access to the best deals and most accurate shipping prices on offer.

How our website works

The Courier Quotes platform is very simple and easy to use! Just fill-in the shipment details in our instant quote calculator to receive shipping quotes available in your vicinity and quickly find the best shipping deals within Australia. All you have to do is type-in the pick-up and drop-off details, the dimensions of your product, quantity, and the type of packaging you will use. Then, simply press “Book Now” and you’ll receive the best shipping quotes for your delivery in an instant!

Besides shipping quote comparisons, we also have a wide range of additional services. Courier Quotes includes a real-time tracking service that allows you to see your shipment’s current location as it is being transported, giving you total visibility at all times. The tracking service feature is also available to your product’s recipient. Real-time tracking keeps the product’s consignee in the loop with updated transport information so they can prepare and arrange to claim your delivery.


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Use our calculator to find the best courier quotes Australia wide

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Use our calculator to find the best courier quotes Australia wide


Most common courier quote questions

  • Does shipping come with insurance?

    All shipping orders come with a limited coverage insurance which should cover you for the average package value, however, our shipping quotes pages also offer you the option to further increase the level of insurance coverage.

  • What are the shipper's responsibilities?

    It’s the shipper’s responsibility to make sure dangerous goods are declared appropriately, packed and labelled with the correct documentation for countries of origin, transit and destination.

  • What kind of surcharges might there be when shipping?

    Shipping dangerous goods requires special services for transport and handling. This means additional charges will be added to your shipping costs, aside from some potential fuel surcharges as well. At Courier Quotes, we aim to provide you with a complete breakdown for all additional surcharges when you choose the most suitable shipping service.

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