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Road Freight Courier

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The most commonly used form of delivery is road freight. It is when cargo is transported from one point to another using a cargo truck, making deliveries all across one country. Road freight is most widely used for making interstate deliveries from one region to another. Most private households and businesses rely on sending and receiving their deliveries via road freight.

How many types of road freight are there?

There are two major types of road freight in Australia, namely, Economy Road Freight and Express Road Freight. To help you decide whether Economy or Express Road Freight suits you best, Courier Quotes provides extensive quote and service comparisons between a wide range of courier companies in Australia. It is our aim to provide you with the best rate and service options available, whether you’re sending out a single shipment or making multiple deliveries.

Is road freight suitable for all shippers?

Using road freight can be the right option for individual shippers and businesses who are looking to transport their products to any destination within the country. In Australia, many private households, business establishments and warehouse facilities rely mostly, or even completely, on road freight services to receive packages. Because of this, it’s quite likely that road freight is the best choice of delivery service for most shippers. You can gain access to the best deals and service options on road freight services by using Courier Quotes’ instant price comparison calculator.

When should you choose road freight for your delivery?

For delivery and pick-up locations within the same country, road freight is the mode of choice. On the other hand, it is not an ideal option for packages coming from or bound for overseas locations. This is when transnational freight comes in.

Why should you choose road freight?

There are many benefits to choosing road freight over other modes of delivery service. Firstly, most road freight services are capable of making deliveries overnight, making it highly beneficial for time-sensitive and rush shipments. Another advantage, which is particularly useful for a country with varying terrain like Australia, is that road freight can deliver even to remote locations. For the best level of reliability for your shipment, road freight is definitely a great choice. And for the best deals and service options for your road freight deliveries, choose Courier Quotes.

What types of products can I send using road freight?

Road freight accommodates a wide range of product shipments. You can send small and medium sized packages like boxes, bags, parcels, crates, various types of containers; or even larger and heavier freight such as palletised products, rolls, vehicle and machinery parts, to name a few. Simply put, if your product can be packed appropriately for transport, then it can probably be delivered via road freight. If you need more information or if you have any questions about your road freight delivery, Courier Quotes is happy to provide assistance.

Is it important to compare road freight service providers?

The prices of delivery services can vary dramatically between different courier companies, based on the dimensions, weight and the type of product you are transporting. Comparing courier quote prices helps ensure that you are choosing the right service and for the right price. With Courier Quotes, you can find the best courier deals and the most suitable service options for your shipment.


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Most common courier quote questions

  • How can Courier Quotes help?

    Courier Quotes provides instant road freight courier comparisons immediately after you input a few simple details about your package, including the pick-up and delivery location, the weight of the package, and the dimensions of the package. Based on these and any other unique requirements you might have, Courier Quotes will provide you with all of the relevant couriers for you to choose from. This saves you a lot of time, as you can efficiently and quickly make a decision on which road freight courier is best for you. Through Courier Quotes, your parcel can be on the road in no time at all.

  • How do I send multiple items?

    Of course! Courier Quotes can help you deliver more than one item for the best price possible, maximising your savings with every shipment. If you want the best road freight rates for multiple items, look no further than Courier Quotes. We provide information that Australians can rely on. Our exclusive relationship with many courier companies guarantees you the most competitive price and comparison service.

  • Same or next day delivery?

    Aside from standard shipping fee comparisons for deliveries within Australia, we also include both same day and next day rates for your delivery, whenever applicable. This means you can weigh up your options, and choose the best road freight delivery service to suit you. Courier Quotes aims to provide the fastest delivery for the best price possible!

  • Why choose Courier Quotes?

    Courier Quotes is the newest and fastest courier comparison site for Australians, making sure they get the best deal possible. Our databases are more expansive than any ever competitor site, so you really are getting the best courier deals available through our website. Start your journey to finding out the best road freight shipment deal possible with Courier Quotes today.

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