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The ever-growing demand for same day and next day deliveries has resulted in an exponential increase in the amount of express postage in the past few years, making express courier services even more crucial in these modern times.

There are a number of delivery options to choose from, if you’re looking for express or next day shipping services.


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Here is a quick run-down of all the information you need on express and next day delivery services, along with some tips on getting the best shipping deals available for your shipment.

What is express shipping and next day shipping?

Express and next day shipping are delivery options focused on transporting your shipments to their destination safely, and as quickly as possible. Typically, these shipments are done via air couriers to minimise the risk of late delivery arrival due to traffic delays or other circumstances. However, because of the speedy nature of this delivery process, express shipping is often a costlier option than standard shipping. But even if this is the case, the benefit of a timely delivery for an urgent shipment makes it worth the price.

The important role of express shipping

Express shipping has become a major part of many businesses. For small business owners delivering their products to their buyers as quick as possible, and larger manufacturing companies looking to replenish supplies for their production lines, it can be crucial to make fast deliveries, often through last-minute arrangements, nonetheless. Finding a reliable courier service provider is key, if you want to avoid shipping delays, inconsistencies and other delivery issues that could greatly affect your organisation in a negative way.

Bulk express shipping

Express shipping is highly beneficial to businesses in general, but doing express shipping in large amounts could often lead to higher expenses. For an individual shipper sending holiday gifts, and also for a big company making product deliveries overseas, additional express shipping costs can gradually add up. But there are delivery deals and opportunities for bulk express orders that are available for every shipper’s specific requirements, which can provide a significant amount of savings. Finding a good bulk express shipping deal suitable for your delivery means you don’t have to worry about the typically higher overall price of arranging express deliveries for each of your items.

Who can greatly benefit from express shipping?

Express shipping can be beneficial to any shipper, depending on the circumstances. If an individual has to make an urgent delivery of an important package, then using express delivery easily becomes an ideal option. For instance, a last-minute birthday gift for someone located on the opposite end of the country is a good candidate for an express delivery, since receiving the item a few days late would not be ideal.

For small businesses delivering goods across the country or overseas, next day shipping can also be a useful option. For any business to grow, its customer base also has to grow. Timely delivery of products across greater distances plays a vital role in facilitating this expansion. When your company is able to deliver purchased goods in a day’s notice, customer satisfaction is higher and will encourage them to make more purchases.

How do I find the best deals?

Courier Quotes can help you look for the best express delivery deals through instant quote comparison of courier companies around you. With our fast and easy-to-use quote comparison tool, you can quickly make your express delivery across the country and overseas, at the right price. By simply providing the origin and destination of your package, along with a few details about your product, you will instantly receive shipping rates, deals and quotes for your delivery. You’ll quickly find out the exact price and duration of shipping, giving you full visibility and confidence on your shipping.

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