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Save time and money comparing quotes with Courier Quotes Australia. Start comparing quotes today!

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When trying to send package across Australia or internationally, its important to make sure you are getting the best value for your courier and package needs. This is where Courier Quote comes in. The one-stop-shop for comparing courier giving up-to-date courier quotes from all major courier providers across Australia.

Whether you are looking for a Courier Quote within the Sydney or Melbourne Metro Area, as a same day delivery, or Interstate Courier Quotes from one side of Australia to another, we're here to help.

We are determined to help you save both time and budget, simply click here and get your quotes as soon as possible.

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It's simple, we all want to save time and money. Whether you are working from home or running a sizeable business cutting costs on unnecessary expenses is important.

Why pay more for exactly the same courier service than you need to? Courier Quote exists to give you a centralised place to read all the courier prices available, compare and book a courier.

From the same day delivery of light packages & envelopes to large interstate pallets. Courier Quote provides all the relevant quotations for you to book immediately and the best part is save money, hassle free!

The Courier Quote Process

If you look to compare delivery quotes on courier provider websites you will find that they are more expensive, we want you to save money, regardless of your location (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Rural Areas) or the type of booking you are making (same day delivery or interstate).

Get Courier Quotes from the Best Brands

Different courier companies work differently, some provide lower prices with less transparency on pickup and delivery. Others provide bespoke services at a price. For us we can provide better prices for each one, all you need to do is choose your budget, transit time to compare!

We work with the most reliable Courier Companies including:

  • TNT
  • Aramex
  • AusPost
  • DHL
  • Couriers Please
  • Allied Express
  • & More

Comparing Courier Quotes & Service Levels

It might seem a bit daunting about all the various cheap courier services available, here's a quick overview:

Same Day Delivery Courier Quotes

Usually within the same city your looking at a guaranteed delivery with full tracking with specific pickup times. Popular destinations include:

  • Same Day Delivery Sydney
  • Same Day Delivery Melbourne
  • Same Day Delivery Brisbane
  • Same Day Delivery Perth
  • Same Day Delivery Adelaide

Overnight / Next Day Courier Quotes

Cheap, affordable and speedy parcel delivery quotes for less pressing items. With overnight couriers delivery is just one sleep away.

Interstate Courier Quotes

Australia's a big country and everyone is looking for cheap interstate couriers, luckily you have a few options to get the best price with Fast Courier. Shipments can be made by Truck or Next Flight depending upon the State so it's always important to compare prices.

  • Sydney to Melbourne
  • Melbourne to Sydney
  • Brisbane to Sydney
  • Sydney to Brisbane

International Couriers

We're no stranger to international shipping, we are connected to global Freight, Courier and Shipping companies ready to safely deliver your latest Shopify or eBay sale or your shipping containers. When in comes to international couriers these are the most popular routes:

  • Shipping from Australia to USA
  • Postage to UK
  • Courier to India
  • Postage to China
  • Postage to NZ
  • Shipping from Australia to Germany

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Compare the difference, look at all courier providers and choose the best for you.

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Use our calculator to find the best courier quotes Australia wide


Most common courier quote questions

It's quite simple. Just enter the package weight and destination and we will search for multiple courier services to choose from. 

We'll provide various Couriers and prices, simply select and proceed to book the service. We'll send you confirmation emails, booking reference numbers and moments later your package is on the way to being picked up and delivered. 

For a full explanation of the process check out here. 

Fast Courier is committed to making the process as fast, easy and affordable as possible. Now more than ever deliveries and couriers are vital so we're happy when you are happy.

By booking large number of deliveries we have access ti bulk prices and we pass these saving on to you, because no one should have to pay more...

After making a booking, we will provide a booking ID, shipping labels for you to place on your package. All you need to do is print these out the place them on the package.

The Courier will scan your package at your doorstep and then issue you a Tracking Number. We'll be keeping in touch as your package is making its journey to delivery. 

Yes we do have a number of guides providing additional information on how you can ship irregular products. Here is a list of link to all our guides.

Volumetric weight, sometimes called dimensional weight, refers to the amount of space your package occupies on a truck or aircraft while it is being shipped. In other words, volumetric weight is the size—not the weight—of your package. Oftentimes a service will measure both the volumetric weight and the actual weight of a parcel; the bigger of the two numbers is then used to determine the cost of shipping.

To calculate volumetric weight see our guide on this link - Calculating volumetric weight

We also have additional articles on common issues people face when shipping products. The list of articles and links are outlined below;


The simple answer to this is yes, we have an Australian postage calculator available for use at any time. Our postage calculator pulls prices from multiple couriers allowing you to compare postage prices with ease.

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Fast Courier is working hard to deliver the best courier service to all Australians in early 2021.

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